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AMBIGUOUS STREETS of Dvořák quarter

Jemnice, Czech Republic

The streets gently meander between the houses, through a delicate tissue of plants, which pours into the private gardens and back, merging the boundaries between these two worlds. The streets and private plots become one continuous landscape. Here and there, the plants venture further into the streets and wrap parked cars. The children can safely play, the adults passionately discuss at the doorsteps accompanied by plant seasonality or they sit in shade of the trees and greet passing neighbours.

Compared to previous state, revitalised streets fulfill many roles. Role of traffic, public space and green infrustructure. Togehter they create a unique shared space which caters for everyday needs, motivates to gather and socialize and smartly uses the enginnering qualities of plants.

At design stage, we created a website in order to clarify and explain the shared space concept to local residents -


Click on PDF symbol below to explore overall plan

DC17 krizovatka s textem grey.jpg
tobolka junction.jpg
u zubarky .jpg
lesna ul with climber.jpg
train gate.jpg
dvorakova ulice sketch.jpg
green benefits.jpg
Dc17 sections.jpg
DC17 typical road detail with handsketches.jpg
DC17 island.jpg
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