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Jemnice, Czech Republic


Small backyard garden for a growing family where a unique lawn has been rolled out. The lawn with the waving blades of Carex species where the children can immerse into and experience its depth, the sun coming through the grass flowers and the wind combing the tips, just far more fun than the regimental cut of conventional lawn.


Around the perimeter, the taller plants are situated, playing an ambiguous role of providing screening and more importantly diverse palette of food to satisfy the appetite of the family - Goji, Lonicera and Schisandra berries, apples, black and red currants, goosberies, kiwis, raspberries, figs, flowers of daylilies and quinces. 


We are currently working on the next phase - hardscape features mainly - i.e. bespoke larch terrace, 'bespoke folded screen' and water feature.


hrazda concept.jpg
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