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Ambrose Walk

Bow, London Borough of Tower Hamlets/UK


The tarmac was unplugged to let nature show its muscles. The nature which bears fruit, not just edible fruit but also ‘social fruit’ which attracts locals to pour in and enjoy the company of green tissue. The obstacles were removed to allow for better access, direct routes and free movement. Existing elements have been recycled so the blue railings have become trellises which local community uses for their crops and the paving was conveniently relayed. Simple timber beams have been then installed to make a playful route for local children, taking them on a journey bridging the lush vegetation. Forgotten lawn strips along footpaths have been planted with herbs, fruit and perennials to accompany residents on their way home or to work.

Exciting project alongside Malmesbury Residents Association ( Project which activates an overlooked yard and connects local community through taste buds and more attractive and inclusive space. Space where people gather, chat, relax and play With a limited budget we went the route of small interventions with a big impact.


- award recognising projects that make a positive social impact. (


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